Duty of care requires an adequate level of medical care for personnel deployed in the field or working in countries where the availability of public heath care facilities are limited.

so3 Projects has access to personnel qualified and experienced in primary, intermediate and tertiary care. We can also advise on the levels of care that are appropriate to your project.

It is often the case that our medical personnel have military or security industry backgrounds, allowing us to deploy them in either a security capacity, a medical capacity, or - as a useful budget saving - in both roles combined.
so3 Projects can provide an independent and objective appraisal of the principal medical risk factors prevalent in your destination. Our extensive outreach and immersive experience in many of the world's most challenging environments allows us to make recommendations for medical risk management that are both proportionate and cost-effective.

The medical personnel that we can call upon to support you come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but they all have a common attribute: they are highly experienced working in difficult circumstances that are often remote from the nearest sophisticated medical support. Our medical staff span the full spectrum of professional capability, from high-end Trauma Doctors through fully qualified Paramedics to personnel certified for Medicine in Remote Areas (MIRA).

so3 Projects has access to medical specialists experienced in diving medicine, high altitude medicine and a number of additional disciplines. Many of these personnel are former military such as Special Forces, and come with additional skills that are relevant to the specialization such as Rescue Diver, Dive Supervisor, Mountain Leader, Search & Rescue etc. Whatever medical challenges you may be facing, we can provide an appropriate solution.