Film & TV

so3 Projects is highly experienced in providing security, safety and logistical support for on-location film and television production, and for the international news media. We also have access to technical experts and crew.

Uniquely, our Tier One risk management consultants can deploy in a multi-skilled role, providing security, medical and field producing services. This allows several production budget lines to be rolled into one.

so3 Projects can assist in ensuring you have the right fit for the profile of your production, and can provide direct support or useful guidance across a broad scope of issues. Whatever your challenge, we can help.
The suitability of locations in difficult areas of the world is sometimes hard to judge. Local facilitators will often tell you what they "think you want to hear" - and of course they don't want to lose a client. Here at so3 Projects we can provide an educated and independent view on locations you are unsure of, can help identify locations for you, and can of course ensure that risks are minimized through our Security division.

so3 Projects has a comprehensive database of facilitators around the world. These are people whom we know, and whom we trust as being both effective and competent. If you are looking for local facilitation by recommendation, or have problems in identifying a suitable outfit, then call us.

A core so3 Projects capability is the provision of technical experts. In addition to providing mountain guides, divers, powerboat instructors and experts in any number of other disciplines, we have considerable experience in coordinating battle recreation scenes for television and film productions... check out our Portfolio.

Crew competence is at the heart of any successful production. Finding crew who have experience of filming in hostile or uncomfortable environments can be a challenge. so3 Projects has access to exactly this kind of crew, strong people with world-class skills, people we have worked with, people we trust. Allow us to help you find the right crew for your production.