With related court procedures now moving inexorably into the arena of criminal law, workforce safety issues are center-stage for any employer. When things go wrong, the absence of a comprehensive Duty of Care strategy that accounts for workforce safety can result in criminal charges against the executive held responsible.

Important note: Criminal responsibility cannot be mitigated through insurance.

so3 Projects has an unrivaled depth of experience in the provision of safety services, particularly to the screen production industry - check out our Portfolio. We will work closely with you to keep your people safe.
A necessary component in any project is regulatory OSH compliance. For decades this requirement was clear at home but uncertain overseas, but this is changing. so3 Projects has unrivaled experience in providing safety services on-location and in tough environments. We can provide clear guidance and related services in this key aspect of project management.

In most jurisdictions, a formal Risk Assessment must be undertaken for each location and for each activity to ensure OSH compliance. These Risk Assessments tend to be formula based, following principles set out by regulatory bodies. In screen production, the responsibility for completing them usually falls to the Production Manager or the Producer. so3 Projects can largely unburden you of this onerous statutory requirement, leaving Production Managers more time to manage production and Producers more time to produce their shows.

Any assessment of risk in difficult environments or when undertaking potentially dangerous activities is likely to identify the requirement for technical specialists, either for the provision of relevant advice or the management and supervision of related activities on-location. Having supported productions and projects in environments as diverse as Antarctica, the Himalayas, the Amazon and the Sahara, so3 Projects is a genuine one-stop-shop for specialist safety support.